Confession Bear Meme

*This Confession Bear Meme is from Kyle Bell's "Multiliteracy Memes".

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2016) Meme-Essays

A Fantastically Weird Issue

The internet can be a weird place. Where else can you buy silk socks and a sign for a concert that happened twenty years ago at the same time? From this fantastically weird place were born memes. Well, they resurged with the advent of the internet. Memes have been around longer than humanity cares to admit, with images and texts like the three hares and the sator square predating colonial America by a couple of centuries. It is this form of senseless and ultimately harmless communication that has become so widespread with increases in globalization. Memes are random, they seldom make sense, and they often have a cyclical life in terms of relevancy. So why are we doing an issue of this online journal exclusively dedicated to memes?

I could give a longwinded answer about the value of memes and why they’re a mainstay in today’s internet culture, but I respect you readers too much for that. The reason we have collected memes here is simple: memes are fun, often humorous, and brief ways to communicate. The Bard once said that “Brevity is the soul of wit” and memes are an extremely brief, but still powerful, way to open conversation about the joys, challenges, and issues that tutors from all walks of life grapple with. We present this collection of memes as a self conscious love letter to all the tutors and those involved with learning centers.

Hope you enjoy,

Juan Soriano

Writing Tutor

Multimodal Texts


Meme Essay
Jasper Simon, Jordan Whealdon, Miles McGuinness, and Dan Thomas


The Writing Tutor Identity
Roselle Panganiban


The Writing Center: A Chronicle
Drew Cannon, Bobby Lowery, Jen Roach, and Maggie Woodworth


The Writing Center: A Meme-Guided Essay
Alexa Schaad, Emily Scolaro, and Kendall Lindstrom


Writing Center Meme Mania
Patrick Allen, Sofia Deligiannidis, Zoe Farkas, and Emily Myrin