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Paso Estrecho (Small Gauge, Barcelona, 1977-1980) was a monthly Spanish magazine for Super 8 news. Its director and editor, Enrique López Manzano, is one of the founding members of the International Federation of Super 8 Cinema (Iran, 1976), and ran Barcelona’s international film festival, the Setmana Internacional del Film Super 8, a festival affiliated WITH the Federation.

López Manzano envisioned a magazine to connect cinema cultures within Spain and abroad. One of the magazine’s main goals was to make connections (“reagrupar” 5) between cinema groups in different localities within Spain, and between Spain and other countries. The magazine is primarily dedicated to Super 8 groups, although it includes news about independent cinema and other small gauges. To establish networks, the magazine provides information about other Super 8 festivals in Spain (30-34) and a section that publishes letters from readers entitled “Correo; los lectores nos escriben” (Correspondence: the readers write to us, 4-5) where readers write to the magazine about their questions and ideas. In addition, Paso Estrecho offers its readership reduced prices on Super 8 equipment at selected stores (“Centro de Servicios de Paso Estrecho” 7) and membership in a film cooperative in Barcelona, Cine Coop (22-23). The magazine is also a means of connecting Spanish communities, which were culturally isolated during Franco’s dictatorship (1939-75), to communities in other countries (such as the group Audiopradif, a Parian based militant organization dedicated to combating imperialism (11) and to international Super 8 festivals (32), many of which belonged to the International Federation of Super 8 Cinema. One feels that creating and linking communities is the magazine’s most important goal, and film is the medium through which this happens. Like other Super 8 magazines, Paso Estrecho includes articles on art cinema and offers technical advice, for example: what cameras are in the market or how to edit sound.