Joe Cocker (April 7, 1970)


Joe Cocker (April 7, 1970)


Joe Cocker


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Joe Cocker played at Memorial Hall April 7, 1970 to a mostly full gym. Posted here are two letters to the editor from Cardinal Points (4/23/1970) discussing the concert. Also included is a 1999 essay on the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour by J.P. Bean.

From Tim Hartnett, Librarian:

"This concert was significant on several levels. Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour was a wild affair that produced a best-selling double album and a two-hour documentary film that includes seven minutes shot in Plattsburgh. Cocker made a big splash at the Woodstock Festival the previous summer and the Mad Dogs tour began in the spring of 1970 during the height of the student anti-Vietnam War protest movement. Ironically, the film’s footage from the PSU show features the song “Give Peace a Chance.” A month later four student protesters were shot and killed by the National Guard at Ohio’s Kent State University and campuses across the country, including PSU, were closed for days.

The Cocker show marked a major turning point in PSU concerts. Guys no longer wore sport coats and sat calmly with their dates, politely applauding after each song. Instead, concerts became a party atmosphere as the Woodstock Generation consciousness emerged.

The Letters to the Editor reveal how no concert ever pleases everyone and that few people recognize the history they are living in as it occurs around them.

Also, here's an interesting tidbit [from Cardinal Points]: 'The Joe Cocker concert cost the Student Association $8,300.12. The Student Association took in $2,369.97. It sold 1254 tickets and 50 tickets were given as complimentary tickets. The Student Association definitely lost money. Jeff Selchick is sending a recommendation to the concert committee concerning the reason why the concert lost money.'"

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Joe Cocker (April 7, 1970)